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Selling Your Home
Your home, in many cases, is your most valuable asset, and selling it requires more than just placing a sign in your front yard. It is essential to have an agent that is knowledgeable and has a variety of techniques to attract the best buyers. Panache agents pride themselves on attracting and qualifying prospects through the following methods:

Increase the Value of Your Home
Any successful realtor will tell you that staging your home will add value and speed up the sales process. Staging can create an environment where the potential buyer feels comfortable. Panache improves your home’s appeal by offering advice on things such as paint colors, home decor, and decluttering your space.

Setting the Price
We educate our sellers about market trends in their area to devise an optimal listing price. Analyze offers from potential buyers to ascertain which will result in the best and quickest closing for our clients. By reviewing the current prices in the seller’s market we eliminate losing qualified buyers by overpricing the home or missing out on possible profit by undervaluing the home.

Creating a Plan
We will develop a customized marketing plan to generate maximum market exposure for the property through a series of efforts. The sale of the home is promoted through web advertising, flyers, professional photos and open houses to attract diversified buyers. Plus, networking with other area realtors. We are here to guide you through this process in a manner that makes it as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

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