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Buying a Home
Purchasing a home for many will be one of the most important investments they make. The most reliable tools you can have are market knowledge and proper preparation. Our agents will provide you with the most relevant and up to date market analysis to assist you in acquiring the perfect space. The Panache team prides itself on creating an environment of collaboration between customers and agents. We help you to assess the kind of home you can afford.

Attaining Mortgage Financing:
For those buyers who don’t plan to pay all cash for their new home, getting qualified for a mortgage is a must.  In fact we’d advise you to get pre-approved by a mortgage company before you even begin looking at homes.  We can help in connecting you with a lender to pre-approve you and eventually get you a mortgage.  Click the link below to visit our Buyer Intake Form and Mortgage Pre-Approval Checklist page:

Buyer Intake Form and Mortgage Pre-approval Document Checklist

Once you have filled out the Buyer Intake Form and collected all of your supporting documentation from the checklist, contact your agent and he will get you in touch with one of our lenders.  Looking for a home before understanding your mortgage qualification level is literally putting the cart before the horse.   Trust us you don’t want to be that person.

Understanding Sale Prices
Helping potential buyers to understand the cost of comparable homes in the area they have chosen is a key factor. We assist clients in recognizing the condition of the house and whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market.

Making an Offer
Once the buyer settles on their dream home, Panache agents will guide them through the negotiating process. The agent and the buyer will devise a plan to make the best offer possible, especially when there are multiple offers made.


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