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Rental Application

Complete rental application, upload required documentation and pay credit check fee for rental consideration.  The aforementioned rental package is required for all adult persons, over the age of 18, that intend on residing in the rental.

At Panache, we strive to highlight and put you in the best position to present to a Landlord and assure them of your financial reliability and as a suitable candidate for tenancy.  From our experience, the more supporting documentation you submit and the more complete your application, the better the likelihood of selection!We look forward to being of service.

Required Documents for Application

  1. Copy of government issued ID (Driver’s License or Passport).
  2. Two years most recent W2’s or 1099 forms.
    • If Self-employed submit your two years most recent business tax returns (all pages).
  3. One (1) month most recent paystubs.
  4. 2 months most recent bank statements – checking, savings, investment accounts where applicable. PDF statements only, no screen shots.
  5. Employment verification letter.
  6. Landlord reference letter.
  7. If utilizing a rental subsidy program such as Section 8 or City FHEPS you will need a copy of your housing voucher.

*  Documents must be uploaded in pdf version.  Please combine each category above into a single multipage PDF if necessary.  (For example, if you have 4 pay stubs, upload as 1 document for a total of 4 pages.)  If you do not have access to a scanner or computer program to combine multiple documents download a free PDF scanner app in your Apple Store or Google Play Store.

*Credit check fee of $19.95 per applicant.



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