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Tommy McFeely

Tommy McFeely was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He attended Kellenberg High school in Uniondale, then went on to study sociology and psychology at SUNY Albany. Throughout his youth Tommy always had a love of fitness and martial arts. He was only 19 when he decided to get his ACE personal training certification. He worked as a personal trainer at a local gym to put himself through college as a full-time student. While away at school he also started kickboxing competitively. When an ankle injury put kickboxing on hold, Tommy started practicing hot yoga at his father’s yoga studio to heal his body. Discovering the physical and mental power the hot yoga could provide, he quickly grew to love it.

He would eventually take over his father’s Bikram yoga studio in 2010 after attending the grueling 9-week training in California. Four years later he opened a second studio in Merrick NY. Tommy met Dionicio Neblett of Panache Real Estate when he first started teaching in 2010. Becoming friends over the years and learning of Dio’s success as a real estate broker, it was a no-brainer to go with Panache when he was ready to purchase his own home in 2019. Dio made the whole process painless and very appealing to Tommy. He enjoyed the process so much he thought he would even possibly get a real estate license one day if he had the time.

Enter March, 2020: Both yoga studios were temporarily shut down due to NYS Covid-19 mandate. Tommy took advantage of this time to take the Long Island Board of Realtors course and ultimately earning his New York real estate sales license before the studios reopened. Having thousands of students over the years, he has created a great network and community for himself. The same dedication and attention to detail that helped him build 2 successful yoga studios is shining through in his Real Estate business. Tommy always says “If I can convince someone to work out for 90 minutes in a 106 degree room, convincing someone to buy a house will be a walk in the park.” Tommy has hit the ground running and become a very important member of the team instantly. Always extremely efficient, focused and timely in providing excellent service. We are thrilled to have him on the Panache Team!

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