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Dionicio Neblett

Dionicio Neblett
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Dionicio A. Neblett, principal managing broker of Panache Real Estate, was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Although real estate is the family business, ironically Dio (as most of his family, friends and clients call him) never lifted a real estate finger until he was a year out of college. After graduating from Howard University’s School of Business in Washington, D.C., he began his professional career as an intranet programmer with Verizon. Nearly a year into this position, he positioned himself to purchase his first property in S.E. Washington, DC. The process of purchasing and managing the property sparked an interest in real estate investing.

“Initially, I just started out by helping a few friends that saw my building and were unfamiliar with the process,” recalls Neblett while preparing for a run in Central Park. “After guiding my third friend, Julian, through the process I decided to get my real estate license.” Eventually, after working in IT for four years, his passion for helping people coupled with his love for real estate led him to an official career change. After a move back to his home state of New York Dio started out living in the Brooklyn area, where he launched a career in both mortgages and real estate sales. While he would eventually earn his real estate broker’s license in 2008 and concentrate solely on home sales, Dio credits his range of professional experiences for giving him a well-rounded perspective on life.

“Selling someone a home can be a very personal experience. You learn about people’s culture, their wants and needs. The more people I work with, the more I see that we are nowhere nearly as different from one another as we think,” he believes. “I’ve forged awesome friendships through my professional interactions with people of many different cultural backgrounds. Every day brings more opportunities for me to learn from and about the people and world around me. I hope more people get to experience environments that allow this kind of exchange.”

These days Dio concentrates his professional efforts on luxury condos and homes. While he works tirelessly for his client list, which consists of a mix of entertainment executives and investment bankers, his company works with professionals from all walks of life. Over the last 10 years Panache has serviced members of several New York City Union shops (Electricians, Carpenters, Plumbing, Department of Education, Police, Firefighters and Corrections). He has also been very passionate about the company’s affordable housing initiative.

“I love working with my high net worth clients, but it’s always important that everyone, regardless of income level is afforded the opportunity to attain adequate housing. I’ve been blessed with great living spaces throughout my life. I never take for granted the positive impact this has had on both my career and my life as a whole. Whenever possible, I try and pay it forward because everyone deserves a comfortable place to lay their head.” Over the past two years Panache Real Estate has placed over 50 clients coming from shelters into affordable housing in the New York City area.

Of course all work and no play makes for an unhealthy balance. When he’s not finding new properties for his clients, Dio enjoys running, cycling, attending sporting events and going to Hot Yoga classes. When asked what his motto is for tackling life’s challenges Dio responded with a quote from a poem he read in college.

“Blessings are like objects in your rear view mirror. They may be closer than they appear.” – Lee The Poet.

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