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As my husband and I were purchasing our second house, we believed that we were familiar with brokers and their process and we tried to align our expectations accordingly. Dionicio (Dio) exceeded our expectations at every turn. We had A LOT of questions and Dio had right answers or would respondadvising that he needed to research the question. Either way, Dio consistently got back to us in less than 24 hours. He was extremely attentive to our needs and wishes, in that order. Even more notably, he was very knowledgeable about all aspect of the home purchasing process, including, credit issues, bank questions, mortagages, and home repairs. Also, upon request, he could serve as a resource for contacts for legal services, home inspections, and home repairs. We never felt like Dio pushed anything on us, which was very important to maintaining our working relationship. He made recommendations, provided his opinion, but always respected that this was our decision and that we would look to him when necessary. Dio is an excellent broker. The only downside we experienced from working with Dio is that now we have an EXTREME intolerance for mediocre work. Dio sets the bar very high. Your in good hands if he’s doing your brokering.

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