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Covid 19 Message

COVID 19 Message

Greetings form the Panache Team.  This message goes out to everyone that is effected by the Covid 19 pandemic.  Panache is extremely thankful to our team, clients (both past and present) and all of the real estate professionals that make it possible for us to do our job and continue to service the public.

We most especially want to thank our medical professionals and all essential workers on the front lines making surviving this pandemic possible.  To law enforcement and first responders, grocery, retail and restaurant workers, construction professionals, and anyone else that has had to put themselves in harm’s way in order to help others achieve a sense of normalcy during these trying times.

Our sincerest condolences go out to all who have lost love ones during this time.

It is our hope that everyone take precautions and practice social distancing as much as possible and also wear masks if in public spaces where social distancing could be intermittently compromised.  Be sure to wash your hands and face often, especially when returning to your home from outside.

We’ve listed some helpful links to other Covid 19 related sites that will give more information about keeping safe during this time:

CDC Covid 19 Website

New York State Department of Health Coronavirus Site

Most importantly, let’s try and look out for one another during these trying times.  Be considerate of those most vulnerable to the Covid 19 virus and comply with the aforementioned advised precautions.


Wishing everyone the best of health and strength.



The Panache Team


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